Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

In addition to digital automated technologies, the so-called manual technique is still present in our lab, without which the profession is not quite whole.

Our Prosthetic Removable Dentures are manufactured using pressing technology for nearly 50 years, while using the highest quality materials available today! The materials are of extremely high quality, but the procedures have not changed!

With the help of wax and artificial teeth we model our dentures according to the given situation, which after embedding we press the thermosetting plastic onto the artificial teeth to obtain the finished state!

Exceptional quality cannot be achieved without the best materials and with the support of one of the leading dental technology manufacturers, Bredent!

Impressions taken in the surgery are poured in the lab using gypsum and the patient’s positive oral formula is prepared.

Plaster models are an integral part of our work, and without it we would not be able to make our work!
A modell készítésnek is van számtalan formája, de mi elkötelezetten használjunk az egyik vezető fogtechnikai gyártó (Amann Girrbach) termékét a Giroform műanyagtalpas gipszelési formát.

There are many forms of model making, but we are committed to using the Giroform plastic gypsum plaster mold from a leading dental manufacturer (Amann Girrbach).

We are fortunate enough to be able to support in-house dentistry with our digital dental lab for almost 11 years! In our dental laboratory, we strive to make precise, accurate, aesthetic, dental restorations. We use perfection with the most modern dental machines and materials for all our dental restoration clients.

CAD / CAM technology, 3Shape scanner

CAD / CAM technology provides us with the solution to achieve these goals.
In addition to digital technology, the manual analog industry is present in our lab, but we are increasingly focusing on digitalised workflows.
Therefore, the digital section of our lab was renamed IndepenDent3D.

The 3Shape Scanner helps to produce the highest quality dental products.
The popular zirconium as a skeletal material is designed on a digital model using a 3D design program supported by 3Shape, which can then be produced using a milling machine.

The milling machine extracts the crown or bridge frames from the so-called blanks. Depending on the complexity of our design, we can do 3 or 4 axis milling.
All skeletal materials present in dental technology (Cirkon / Pmma / BioHpp / Ceramic) can be realized with this manufacturing technology.