Esztétikus fogtömések

The procedure begins with anesthesia. Before the anesthetic injection, the dentist put some gel onto the gum which will numb it, therefore the injection will be painless, and naturally so does te treatment. The doctor removes the decayed part of the tooth and prepares the cavity. After filling it, the doctor forms the tooth anatomically. In the end, the tooth gets polished to make a fit surface.

  • Aesthetic as it restores the original color and shape of the teeth
  • The chewing surface can be well grooved for perfect function
  • The composition of the filler ensures that teeth against the filler do not wear down while chewing
Who is it recommended for?

To whom:

  • Have tooth decay
  • Aesthetics are important
  • Comfort is important
  • Functionally perfect operation is important

Inlay, onlay

It is an indirectly made filling in the tooth. The procedure begins with anesthesia so it is painless. The doctor removes the decayed part of the tooth and prepares the cavity. Takes a print of the prepared tooth. On the basis of the imprint, the dental lab makes the insert, which the dentist puts in durint surgery. Finally, polish the tooth for a pleasant feel.

  • Custom made (color and material can be selected)
  • Physically very stable, abrasion-resistant, non-fracture-free, but non-abrasive
  • Does not discolour in the long term
  • Fits well, comfortable
  • Contains no allergenic substances.
Who is it recommended for?
  • Has a high degree of tooth decay
  • High tooth loss or tooth decay can spread to adjacent teeth
  • For whom aesthetics are important
  • For whom comfort is importantPeople who have problems with allergic reactions