Dental X-ray – to get to the bottom of things…

It is necessary that:

  • Observe problems that are not visible to the naked eye;
  • Our dentist can recommend a safe and complete treatment for your problems.


The radiation source and the sensor plate turns around the patient’s head. The radiation source goes along the jaws, so that the thickness is sharply depicted. During X-rays, the patient’s head is fixed in a headrest so that the procedure can be performed without moving.

Fogorvosi röntgen
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • A nicer, richer, more accurate picture
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Digital storage facilitates disease tracking
  • Less polluting
Who is it recommended for?
  • As a basic assessment for the first-time when visiting a dentist
  • Who wants tooth implantation
  • As a control for someone who has undergone a surgical procedure
  • Who needs orthodontics
  • For patients with jaw joint problems


The nodules are chronic inflammations. During a dental nodule examination, the patient undergoes a thorough clinical examination and X-ray examination to locate the nodules.

  • Bacteria and toxins do not enter the bloodstream from the nodule
  • Tiredness and lethargy will pass away
  • Not have sleep problems
  • Alleviation of arthritis
  • Spotty hair loss stops
  • Skin rashes disappear
  • The inflammation of the conjunctiva, the heart membrane or the kidneys is eliminated
Who is it recommended for?
  • People who are tired
  • With sleep disorder
  • With inflammation of the joints
  • With hair loss in spots
  • If you have skin rashes
  • You have inflammation of the conjunctiva, the heart membrane or the kidneys


Low-dose digital panorama x-ray (child) 6.500 HUF
Digital panoramic x-ray 6.500 HUF
Emergency additional charge 20%
General consultation 5.500 HUF

CBCT recording prices:

Large Volume Dental 10cm x 10cm 18.900 HUF
Small volume dental 8cm x 10cm 14.900 HUF
One tooth 6cm x 7cm 9.900 HUF
Mandibula 10cm x 6cm 9.900 HUF
Maxilla 10cm x 7cm 9.900 HUF
Digital sinus front/right/left 9.900 HUF
TMI one sided right/left 10.900 HUF
TMI bilateral 18.900 HUF