Prosthetics, Implantation – Replacing a specific part of an existing tooth, replacing one or more tooth deficiencies, or restoring a complete tooth defect.

Missing tooth replacement is important because, as a result of overloading of existing teeth, gingiva and remaining teeth, the jaw joint suffers severe, irreversible damage over time. Depending on the number of teeth in the mouth, fixed (crown, bridge), removable (total or partial) or combined dentures can be made.


Aesthetic restoration covering the visible part of the tooth. In case of severe tooth decay or restoration of aesthetic disorders.


One of the most common ways to replace a missing tooth is to fix the prosthesis to the polished teeth.

Partial or complete plate prosthesis

If there are few teeth in the mouth, or if there is complete toothlessness, then the tooth deficiency is made this way.

Combined tooth replacement

An excellent alternative for end-of-row defects (if the back teeth are missing). The intersection of the fixed and removable parts is not noticeable and the denture is extremely fixed.

Our experienced doctors and an excellent laboratory background (dental technicians) in the same building as the clinic are waiting for you.


Underlining 16.200 HUF
Zircon crown 65.200 HUF
Stump construction 12.200 HUF
Fiberglass stump construction 22.200 HUF
Deflex denture 140.200 HUF
Pressed ceramic crown 69.900 HUF  59.900 HUF
Metal-porcelain crown with laser sinter 50.200 HUF
Removable part of combined tooth replacement 200.200 HUF
Metal plate denture 150.200 HUF
Tooth test 0 HUF
Bite lifting rail 20.200 HUF
Dentures (upper / lower) per denture 120.200 HUF
Temporary long term crown / bridge (dental) CAD-CAM 14.200 HUF / db
Temporary crown / bridge (clinic) 4.200 HUF / db
Temporary prosthesis (also / upper) 60.200 HUF
Adjustment 0 HUF
Inlay / Onlay Composite 35.200 HUF
Inlay / Onlay IPS.E.MAX porcelain crown 52.200 HUF
Bite fixation 0 HUF
Crown removal if not made in our clinic 5.200 HUF
Porcelain covered crown / bridge 35.200 HUF
Partial dental prosthesis per jaw 130.200 HUF
Crown-gold-porcelain cover 45.200 HUF + az arany ára
Reinstating a bridge (made in other clinic) 5.200 HUF
Denture Lining Direct / Indirect 15.000 HUF
Dentil Repair 10.200 HUF
Prosthetic correction (made in other clinic) 3.200 HUF
Crown removal (free of charge before making a denture) 3.200 HUF
Frame test 0 HUF


You will regain your confidence and your beautiful smile!

First, an x-ray of the patient’s teeth is made for accurate planning. During the surgery, we begin with local anesthesia, so the procedure is completely painless. During surgery, a bone hole is made, and the implant screw is then screwed in. At the end of the procedure, the gums are sutured.

One week after surgery, the sutures are removed and, if necessary, a temporary replacement is made to allow the patient to maintain the aesthetics of his or her teeth. It takes 3-4 months for the screw to ossifies. The porcelain crown is then inserted to replace the tooth and restore the patient’s entire tooth. This will give you back your confidence and cheer to smile again.


  • Aesthetically nice dentil
  • Protecting other teeth from deformation and overload
  • Prevents food residue from entering the gap, resulting in tooth decay or gum disease
  • Restore the chewing function of our teeth
  • It also restores phonetic problems that occur in many cases
Who is it recommended for?
  • Those who desire a more beautiful dentil
  • Those who want to save their teeth and gums from disease
  • Those who want to immediately restore their teeth after tooth extraction


– Like nature. A nice smile is the key to self-confidence

Life also leaves its mark on the teeth. At any stage of our lives, we may lose one or more teeth, either as a result of an accident at a young age or later due to tooth decay.

Unfortunately, for many, a denture is a dream for many however, for more than four decades, dental implants have provided a modern, recognized alternative. The implant used for implantation is a kind of artificial tooth root and is ideal for any patient who has stopped bone growth.

Because it is firmly embedded in the jawbone, this solution is the closest to natural teeth and the end result is the same in terms of aesthetics and quality of life as with your own teeth – whether you are eating, laughing or chatting.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop aging, but together with your dentist, you can find a personalized and reliable dental implant solution that is guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

What is an implant?

A dental implant is a screw used to replace the root of a missing tooth. If we imagine a tooth as a tree, the implant is the root of the tree. The implant, which is screwed into the jawbone and secures firmly to the jawbone, provides a stable base for the placement of the crown. The implant can replace one or more missing teeth.

A so-called head would be screwed into the implant and a crown or bridge would be placed there. When staying at the tree comparison, the head corresponds to the crown of the tree.

What are the biggest benefits of dental implants?

The implant counteracts the loss of bone. Because of its specific properties, it is absorbed into the body, stimulating and, in the long term, ensuring the function of the jaw. Conventional bridges, on the other hand, do not stimulate bone function, which results in bone loss.

Therefore, it is advisable to perform tooth implantation as soon as possible after losing the tooth. In many cases, the implant can be inserted immediately after tooth extraction.

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What is a SKY implant?

SKY is a trademark of bredent medical. Because of their special structure and surface, SKY implants allow trouble-free and gentle implantation.

After implant placement, the surrounding bone tissue encircles the implant surface and an insoluble bond is formed between the two. This process is called osseointegration. Without osseointegration, the implant becomes loose and implantation fails.

The special surface of SKY implants allows for rapid and strong osseointegration, providing a more stable and secure solution compared to conventional implants.

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The implant and the structure are usually made of titanium. This material is particularly easily absorbed by the body, titanium is non-allergenic and due to its surface properties it is rapidly ossified into bone tissue

How is implantation done?

The procedure of dental implantation is almost always the same, with minor differences depending on the following options:

  • Replacing a single tooth
  • Any remaining teeth that are not worth saving
  • Fixing denture
Treatment process:
  1. Preliminary examination
    • The dentist or dental surgeon will make a preliminary CT scan. Imaging is necessary to assess potential risks and to place the implant in the correct location and to allow for aesthetic restoration
  2. Inserting the implant
    • If the picture shows that all is well, then dental implantation may follow. In the place of the missing tooth, a small incision is made in the gum and a hole is now drilled into the bone, which is now easily accessible, and the implant is screwed into it.
  3. Temporary restoration
    • Once the implant is in place, it is fastened with a retaining screw, folds the gum back, and then the wound is sewed together. The implant is thus properly ossified into bone tissue, which gives the implant strength and stability. If the bone is sufficiently stable, the crown can be placed immediately after implant placement. In this case, a plastic head is attached to the implant and a temporary crown is placed on it. Due to its special elasticity, the plastic head protects the implant during the healing period.
  4. Final crown
    • After about 2 to 3 months, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent will get placed. To do this, the gum is reopened in a small place and a head is attached to the implant. If the crown is worn immediately after implant placement, the existing head do not need to be replaced. The tooth print will look the same as a natural tooth.
Ideal solution:
  • Replace a single missing tooth
  • In case of complete tooth deficiency
  • For fixing dentures


Implant consultation, oral surgery consultation

10.500 HUF

  • Bredent
40.500 HUF
  • Nobel Biocare
80.500 HUF
Healing screw insertion 10.500 HUF
Implant placement / surgery  
  • Cowell Medi
100.500 HUF
  • Bredent
155.500 HUF
  •  Nobel Parallel
200.500 HUF
  • Nobel Active 
250.500 HUF