Teeth whitening at home


Teeth whitening begins at the dental office. It is important that you take part in the preparatory, enlightening treatment so that the teeth whitening will be safe! Home whitening can only be used on healthy gums, so it always starts with tartar removal and polishing. Important to follow the dental hygiene instructions for successful treatment.
The patient allocates the time he or she spends on teeth whitening.
The whitening gel needs to be filled into a special rail (made by our dental technician) and you can control how much you want your teeth to be whitened. The recommended whitening time is 3-7 days. The teeth whitening bar should be used at night while you sleep. In the morning, you should brush both your teeth and the teeth whitening bar.
It is forbidden to eat teeth coloring foods for 3 days after teeth whitening!

Dental teeth whitening

White healthy teeth can become discolored over the years due to the coloring in the foods and beverages consumed, as a side effect of smoking or certain medications. With professional tooth whitening, all these can be eliminated without damaging the hard and soft tissues of the tooth!


Opalescence Go Home Teeth Whitening Kit, 2 Jaws 68.000 HUF 48.500 HUF SALE!
LED lamp whitening 55.500 HUF
Tooth whitening on root-treated tooth 12.500 HUF