Oral care begins with the appearance of the first tooth!


Parents should introduce regular tooth brushing at the first tooth appearance, since milk teeth have a very important role. Milk teeth determine the position of the permanent teeth, help to develop speech, and support the proper formation of the denture and cheek. If a decayed milk tooth left untreated inflammation can develop very quickly and can even spread to the bone around the supporting tissues.


Furrow closure is a preventive, painless intervention that can be done within one year of the appearance of the permanent teeth. During the procedure, the dentist covers the deep grooves and pits of a healthy, cleaned tooth surface with a light-curing material that prevents plaque and bacteria from adversely affecting anatomical forms, thus reducing the chance of tooth decay. Expanded groove closure is the case when the enamel layer covering the groove must be exposed for the groove closure material with a thin, small-head drill. Naturally, this intervention is painless as well.


Milk tooth filling


Unfortunately, like the permanent teeth, the milk teeth can decay also. After anesthesia, the infected parts are removed and the cavity is cleaned by a dentist who places a filling in. In this way, the pain of the milk tooth is eliminated, regaining its chewing function, and its role as a placeholder and its aesthetics.

Milk tooth root canal treatment

Milk tooth root treatment may be required if milk tooth decay is not treated and the inflammation reaches the pulp, or may extend beyond the root apex, endangering the permanent tooth germs. You may also need tooth root treatment, if some previous mechanical trauma has caused the tooth to necrose. Dental root treatment begins with anesthesia, then the dentist explores the tooth, removes vascular and nerve structures and disinfects the cavity. Seal the cavity with a cover filling.


Milk tooth filling 12.000 HUF
Milk tooth root canal treatment 8.000 HUF
Milk tooth extraction 10.000 HUF
Grinding 3.500 HUF
Brushing 3.500 HUF
Furrow closure 10.500 HUF– 12.500 HUF