If you don’t smile because of your teeth, here’s how orthodontics works at Happy-Dent!


Not only can orthodontics regain your self-confidence and your beautiful smile, but you can prevent many dental problems:

  • Can prevent tooth decay
  • Can prevents jaw joint problems
  • Can avoid periodontal disease

Positive features of orthodontics:

  • Because of your aesthetic teeth, you will have more confidence and smile more courageously,
  • You can regain the natural look and beauty of your teeth
  • Improves chewing ability

However, for orthodontics you will need patience. It is time consuming, so the process can take up to two years. However, your patience will deliver the expected results, so be sure to ask for recommended information about the options.

Who needs orthodontics?

You need orthodontics if your teeth are not stand regularly and you would like to change this because you want to smile with ease or to spare yourself from future health problems.

Is it possible to arrange teeth in adulthood?

Yes, modern orthodontics already provide a gentle solution to the problem of orthodontics, which produces spectacular results regardless of age.

How does orthodontics work at Happydent's office?
  • Special X-rays are taken of you to provide us relevant information about your teeth
  • In the course of an orthodontic specialist consultation, we prepare detailed orthodontic design, which involves performing a facial aesthetic analysis to match the individual facial character and examining the proper fit of the two dentures to ensure good chewing
  • Next, we take a mold of your teeth, which the dentist uses to make calculations, make an accurate diagnosis, and tailor a treatment plan that includes the expected duration and cost of treatment.
  • You will receive a detailed written offer clearly stating how long the process will take, how many times and how often you will visit our clinic, and what the cost will be at times.
  • If the offer is accepted, we will treat your incidental tooth decays as a preventive measure, remove tartar and treat periodontal disease.
  • In the meantime, the dental laboratory prepares your catch control.
  • The finished braces will be painlessly glued by your specialist after proper information.
  • You must go to your dentist frequently for corrective checks after it had been pasted.


Anamnesis recording, treatment recommendation  5.500 HUF
Preparation of treatment plan + study imprint + preparation of OP x-ray 10.500 HUF
Fixed orthodontic device (metal) for one jaw 160.500 HUF
Fixed orthodontic device (porcelain) per jaw 180.500 HUF
Fixed orthodontic device (sapphire) per jaw 195.500 HUF
Occasional activation (fixed device) for one jaw 8.500 HUF
Activation Occasionally (Fixed Device) for whole oral cavity 16.500 HUF
Activation per occasion (removable device, per line)  3.500 HUF
Removable device for one jaw 70.500 HUF – 90.500 HUF
Night bite lift rail 18.500 HUF
Occasional control
Expansion screw device 40.500 HUF
Retention device (retainer, glued) 35.500 HUF
Retention device (retainer, removable) 40.500 HUF
Retainer Adhesion (Free within 1 year!!!) 5.500 HUF
Retainer Control 5.500 HUF
UNSEEN – Invisible braces
Consultation 5.500 HUF
Medical planning (one-time fee, full denture) 45.500 HUF
Starter Pack (1 rail, 1 template) 35.500 HUF/sheet
Rails can be ordered individually! 45.500 HUF/sheet
Order 4 rails – SALE! 160.500 HUF
30 rails or above 899.500 HUF