Root canal treatment is the most commonly used tooth retain treatment today. This treatment can now save teeth that should have been pulled out earlier.

When is root treatment necessary?

Root treatment is needed when soft tissue (pulp) in the tooth becomes inflamed.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Any accidental injury or cracking
  • If the tooth has died by itself

If your tooth is sensitive by external stimulation, pulsating or discolored by external stimuli, do not wait any longer. It is very important to treat it in time to prevent tooth decay, jaw damage, which will eventually lead to further inflammation.

Ask for an appointment where we will immediately start a professional, painless dental treatment!

Treatment procedure:
  1. First the tooth is locally anesthetized.
  2. The dentist opens the tooth and cleans the inside of the tooth, remove the inflamed or dead tooth (pulp) and tooth nerve.
  3. The root canal is dilated, then cleaned and disinfected. . Usually, the tooth’s internal examination should be repeated to ensure complete disinfection of the cavity.
  4. Fill the cavity and close the crown entrance with a strong filling.
  5. Finally, the tooth is rebuilt and crowned.


Mechanical root treatment:  
  • 1 channel
18.500 HUF
  • 2 channels
23.500 HUF
  • 3 channels
27.500 HUF
Mechanical root filling
  • 1 channel
 12.500 HUF
  • 2 channels
17.500 HUF
  • 3 channels
22.500 HUF
  • 4 channels
26.500 HUF
To remove an old root filling:  
  • 1 channel
16.500 HUF
  • 2 channels
21.500 HUF
  • 3 channels
26.500 HUF