Our dentistry has a 6 year warranty for all dental prosthesis and dental technical work (crowns, bridges, dentures). An exception to this is the underlining of dentures, the precision anchoring of combined removable dentures, for which the warranty period is 2 years.

We undertake 6 year warranty for tooth fillings and minor restoration works.

Also 12 year warranty on implantation, plus for the implant material / eg: implant break / we have eternal warranty!

If you have any complaints after dental treatment, we will of course correct and cover all dental and laboratory costs incurred.

It is important that the warranty only applies to the work we do!

The guarantee comes with one condition, that is to participate in a six-monthly free control examination, other cost-effective treatments recommended by the attending physician (such as tartar removal, implant cleaning), and oral care as directed by the physician.

Our warranty will be voided in the event of any breach of any of the following:

  • if you miss the free dental examination every six months,
  • neglects oral care,
  • suffer from a general disease that has a detrimental effect on the chewing organ and is accompanied by abnormal biting and squeaking or jogging.
  • does not follow the dentist’s instructions (eg.: no smoking, avoid eating hard foods, excellent oral hygiene)
  • removable replacement, partial or total denture, not properly maintained and clean,
  • the gums or bone of the tooth are atrophied by nature,
  • the patient fails to notify the dentist of the need for a guarantee in due time or if they reach another dentist with their problem.